George Zimmerman: Have jurors made up minds?

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Have the George Zimmerman jurors made up their minds?

ABC’s Matt Gutman advanced that theory Wednesday morning on “Good Morning America.”

“Analysts are telling us they [jurors] are taking fewer notes, they are asking for fewer breaks, which means they’ve probably already made up their minds,” Gutman said.

ABC legal analyst Dan Abrams said Gutman raised an interesting point. “I don’t think there’s any question that these jurors want to get back there and deliberate,” Abrams said. “I think he’s right that they have already made up their minds and want to start talking about it.”

But to their credit, neither Abrams nor Gutman suggested what jurors may have decided. But if the ABC crew is right, perhaps there will be a quick deliberation.

Over on NBC’s “Today,” legal analyst Lisa Bloom praised Dr. Vincent Di Maio as the best witness for the defense and added that Tuesday was the best day for the defense. “He testified that George Zimmerman’s story is completely consistent with all the scientific and medical evidence,” Bloom said.

If the defense wraps up its case Wednesday as predicted, that probably means Zimmerman won’t take the stand, Matt Lauer said.

“His story’s already in,” Bloom said. “Why subject him to cross examination?”

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