Hold the campfire! Are frozen s'mores the new cronut?

Is the Cronut king the new S'more king? Chef Dominique Ansel, who smooshed a doughnut and a croissant into a cronut at his namesake gourmet bakery in New York's Soho, has taken a beloved, simple campfire favorite to haute heights with his frozen s'more. Ansel debuted the $7 treat this month.

That's not a pliable graham cracker on the exterior. It's a meld of homemade marshmallow and dondurma, a stretchy, elastic Turkish ice cream. (I bet stretchy and elastic are words you never expected to describe ice cream. But it's actually a delicious and gorgeous treat.) In the center, vanilla ice cream is covered with a chocolate wafer.

The "treat must be made to order, to appreciate the inimitable touch of the applewood-smoked willow branch and fresh torching," according to hauteliving.com.

“It’s a play on hot and cold. Seeing such a wintery-looking dessert eaten on the streets of the summer time in 97 degree weather is truly surreal,” Ansel told Fox News.

Well, that is one thing the Girl Scout fave and Ansel's new comfort food twist have in common: The best s'mores are made fresh.

I am sticking with graham crackers, a plump marshmallow from a plastic bag and a square of Hershey's chocolate.

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