Miami model suing over fake profiles

A Miami model is suing for $1.5 billion, saying that the dating website used her photos without permission for more than 200 fake profiles, the New York Post reports.

Yuliana Avalos and several others who say their images were featured on and other websites owned by InterActiveCorp Manhattan -- the site's parent company -- filed the lawsuit late last week for $1 billion in punitive damages and $500 million in compensatory damage. 

The Daily News posted a copy of the lawsuit, available here, which claims that InterActiveCorp Manhattan is responsible for "one of the biggest conspiracies ever executed on the Internet."

"Not a day goes by when someone doesn't tell me that they saw my pictures posted on or another website," Avalos told the Daily News.

The lawsuit also claims that photos of several celebrities were used in the fake profiles, although those celebrities weren't named.

Possibly the most disturbing aspect of the alleged catfishing scam is a claim that a New York man killed himself because he went broke sending $50,000 to someone in Ghana using pictures of Avalos on his or her profile, according to the Daily Mail.

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