MODEL CALL: Introducing Kendra McCan

Kendra McCan, a native of Lafayette, Ind., will graduate from the University of Florida with a degree in political science on May 1. She plans to attend law school in the fall at either Florida State University of the Unisversity of Florida. Before shooting for Model Call, she had done some print modeling, mostly shoots with local photographers, and has been featured in two magazines and did an ad campaign for an Orlando clothing line. A friend suggested she try out for Model Call. "I had a great time. Modeling and fashion are a sort of creative outlet for me. I'm not a very artistic person in general, but I can be! And not to mention, I love clothes," says Kendra, 21. She plans to graduate from law school in 2013, and begin working as an attorney in either tax law or intellectual property law. "I definitely want a family, too. But I'll let that happen when it's the right time," she says. Kendra ran track, cross-country and road races for more than 10 years, but now runs mainly to stay in shape. "I've run a few half-marathons with my mom recently, since she just started running," she says. "Otherwise, I spend most of my free time either studying, working, or going out with friends. When it comes to music, I love classical rock. I'm completely obsessed with guns N' Roses and my taste otherwise ranges from Eric Clapton to Metallica and almost everything in between."
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