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What's new at the Florida Film Festival, now under way

Sentinel movie critic

Here's a look at what's new at the 18th annual Florida Film Festival, which runs March 27 to April 5 at the Enzian Theater and the Regal Winter Park:

* There are 162 films showing, up from 150 last year.

* They've added a "Forbidden Films" showcase, with La Dolce Vita and Midnight Cowboy (an evening with Jon Voight, sold out) as part of the "Original Cinema" (that's SIN-e-ma) theme of the festival.

* Organizers have added a shorts showcase for the Italian Cinema Night on Monday, all Italian short films.

* Three BIG event evenings are included, with director Ken Russell and Barry Sandler showing their Crimes of Passion on its 25th anniversary and chatting about it afterward; Voight coming for a 40th anniversary showing of Midnight Cowboy; and Glenn Close taking questions after a showing of her most famous role, in Fatal Attraction (also sold out, but you can get on a waiting list at

* This year's "Film, Food and Wine Celebration" is called "Temptation, Redemption & Indulgence" and features food-film feasts at fine restaurants in the area, evenings inspired by the movies The Godfather, A River Runs Through It and King Corn.

* Ticketing is now being handled on-site at the Enzian. So you can buy a ticket ($10 to most shows) and get in without having to make your purchase off-site or in advance.

* A tip: The best films and the biggest events often sell out. So visit to decide what to see, and do it early.

* Another tip: Get there early. The parking situation at the Enzian and Winter Park Village is catch-as-catch-can at film festival time.

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