Amelia Island

AMELIA ISLAND LIGHTHOUSE - Fernadina Beach, FL Active: Yes Characteristics: Flashes every 10 seconds; has red sector on the southeast. Height: 64 feet, 69 steps History: Constructed 1838 - 39 (present site). First lighted: Spring 1839. Listed in National Register. Lens: Original:14 revolving Lewis patent lamps with 15-inch reflectors, 1838. Other used: third-order, revolving Frensnel Lens, Henry-LePaute, 1868. Present: third-order revolving Fresnel lens: Barbier & Bernard. 1903. Focal Plane: 107 feet. Other Buildings: Oil storage house, 1960's ranch-style keeper's dwelling; two car garage. Coordinates: 30 40 24 N 80 26 30 W Operated by: United States Coast Guard Visit Status: No Access Visitor Info: Grounds only open when gate is open. This lighthouse has recently been transferred to the City of Fernandina Beach, which will soon get a state grant to restore the lighthouse and open it to the public. The lighthouse can presently be seen from Lighthouse Circle.
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