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Crime & Punishment: Director of Connecticut SPCA Charged With 62 Counts of Animal Cruelty

Rufus Spearman, who police allegedly caught carrying drugs and a gun in his car, showed up for his court date at the New Haven Superior Court, where parole officers were waiting to arrest him on additional charges of violating his parole, reports the New Haven Register. It was then that they discovered Spearman, 36, was walking around with crack cocaine, marijuana and PCP in his underwear. In similar news, the Connecticut Post reports that ex-con Jonathon Baker, who was on route to an appointment with IRS agents, allegedly entered a Bridgeport court building with a bag containing drug dealing supplies (such as a digital scale and glassine envelopes) as well as several bullets — or as Baker, 35, explained in a text message he sent from the courthouse: "My dumb ass came thru the metal detector at the IRS and forgot there were bullets in my bag. Now I'm waiting to see if they gonna lock me up." (They did.)

Sick, sad world: Vernon-based nurse practitioner Jay T. Mohler-Avery allegedly tried to recruit one of his patients to be a "domestic slave" and asked that she hand over her 18-month-old daughter to him. Mohler-Avery, 44, reportedly offered to financially support the woman and her toddler, provided she act as a homemaker for him and be available for sex at all times. According to police, he also wanted to teach the daughter to "pleasure a man," insisting it would not be harmful if done in a "loving, nurturing way." The patient began recording the conversations and went to the police, who had her arrange a meeting under the pretense of delivering the girl to Mohler-Avery, reports the Hartford Courant, leading to his arrest. (Among the charges filed was Medicaid fraud, as Mohler-Avery billed the program for appointments during which he only talked about the "slave" arrangement, according to the woman.)

On Election Day, Tim Latta of New Milford went to his mailbox "and what I found was crap," he wrote in a letter to the Litchfield County Times. "I don't mean more campaign flyers," he specified. "I mean crap. Human excrement. In a bag. I kid you not." In the days since, the culprit has delivered two more bags of doo-doo, putting another in the mailbox and flinging the third beneath Latta's flagpole (on Veterans Day, of all days).

After President Obama's reelection, several petitions were filed on the White House's website asking that various states be allowed to secede. A man identified as Nicholas v. created one asking the feds to "peacefully allow the Town of Greenwich to secede from the State of Connecticut and the United States of America," claiming the state and nation have "imposed burdensome taxes and regulations" that have "destroyed jobs in our town." (The unemployment rate in Greenwich: 5.5 percent; median income for a family: $122,719 a year.) As of last week, the petition had 38 signatures.

Frederick Acker, the director of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Connecticut, has been charged with 62 counts of cruelty to animals. Acker, 60, has long been in a legal fight to keep the animal shelter he runs in Monroe. It recently forced him to relocate 62 dogs to a barn on a Bethlehem property, where investigators said the canines were stuck in cold conditions and many kept in unsanitary cages, reports WTNH.

Two vindictive Enfield girls baked a batch of cupcakes from batter that contained their own urine and then handed them out at Fermi High School. "Anyone they didn't like, they gave the cupcakes to," a fellow student told WFSB. The two told a third girl about the secret ingredient and she blabbed about it, allowing word to get up to administrators.

Robert Toth, owner of American Home Realty, allegedly fought the competition by stealing their "for sale" signs, reports the Connecticut Post. The owner of another realty firm informed police that signs had been removed from six of his properties in Bridgeport and Stratford. They say they determined that Toth, 54, had been entering yards and taking them.

Ledyard Town Councilman Mike France, who was endorsed by the rabidly anti-gay Family Institute of Connecticut in his bid for General Assembly because of "his support of common sense family values," was arrested for allegedly slapping his 17-year-old daughter in the parking lot of their church, reports the Ledyard Patch website.

Edward Stevenson entered a Cumberland Farms convenience store in Fairfield and calmly asked the cashier to call 911 so that he could be arrested, reports the Fairfield Citizen. Stevenson, 60, was wanted for alleged failure to respond to an infraction and apparently wanted to get the arrest over with.

Add one to Santa's naughty list: The yuletide spirit of the Christmas Tree Shop in Orange failed to filter down to one of its employees, 21-year-old Taquanna Douglas, who confronted a coworker in the break room and allegedly shot a pepper spray-like substance in her face, according to the Orange Patch website.  


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