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Arch Street Tavern in Hartford Putting on A Very Special Halloween Party

Yes, Halloween's supposed to be for kids, but some of us never grow up. Go get your boo on at Hartford's Arch Street Tavern on Wednesday, where NYC's Toasters (pictured) just might skank-rock your ass until you've shed those extra mini-Three Musketeers-bar pounds. If you're not familiar with ska, think of it as sped-up, hyperactive reggae with attitude. Over the years ska's merged with most musical trends — metal, punk, funk, hip-hop, you-name-it — to come down the pike. More than 30 have passed since founding member Rob "Bucket" Hingley toasted the Big Apple, and who knows, maybe he'll continue for another 30. But play it safe and get out there and do the ska. Llama Tsunami open the show.


A Very Special Halloween Party w/The Toasters and Llama Tsunami

Oct. 31, 9 p.m., $10-$15, Arch Street Tavern, 85 Arch St., Hartford, (860) 246-7610,


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