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CD of the Week: Fool's Gold's 'Leave No Trace'

Fool's Gold
Leave No Trace

If you thought that the emergence of bands like Vampire Weekend and Toubab Krewe was some kind of multi-culti anomaly, then the latest release from L.A.'s Fool's Gold should demonstrate that a whole generation of excellent American bands are finding wide-ranging inspiration in global influences, particularly in the popular and traditional music of Africa. And the new sound is increasingly organic — a natural synthesis of eclectic tastes, rather than an over-reaching appropriation. Stacked up against coiling guitar patterns, singer Luke Top croons with the suave touch of an '80s New Romantic. Fool's Gold takes a hint of Malian desert blues and Congolese guitar pop and does what many British post-punk bands did with reggae 25 years ago, using some of the rhythmic framework and skeletal structures to build something that's energetic and new. This is blissful dance music that doesn't require a familiarity with any of its many sources to be appreciated. 

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