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Crime & Punishment: City Hall Smackdown

A conflict over an open Board of Education seat allegedly led the chairwoman of the Norwalk Democratic Town Committee to lay a beatdown on two 80-something members of her own party in the parking lot of City Hall. Regina Krummel e-mailed chairwoman Amanda Brown to express interest in the seat, Krummel, 82, told Nancy Chapman of the blog Nancy on Norwalk. When her name didn't appear on Brown's list of candidates, Krummel reached her by phone and Brown, 38, told her to swing by City Hall to talk it over. When she showed up, Brown assailed her with a printout of her e-mail, pointing to ambiguous wording and "waving it in my face as I got out of the car," Krummel says. She claims she tried to push Brown away and then the chairwoman knocked her to the pavement. Krummel's 84-year-old husband, concerned because his wife had had both hips replaced, tried to intervene and then allegedly got a shiner on his right eye courtesy of Brown. Police showed up but the Krummels declined to press charges. Brown says the octogenarian couple attacked her (claiming Bill Krummel called her an "arrogant black bitch") and is ignoring calls from nearly everyone to step down.

Bert Webbe, an Easton resident with a long-standing beef with First Selectman Tom Hermann, has filed a police report claiming a handshake offered by Hermann constitutes assault. Webbe says he was in the town clerk's office last summer, going over paperwork relating to his campaign for treasurer, when Hermann walked in. Gesturing for a handshake, Hermann allegedly grasped Webbe's hand and pulled him to the ground. Webbe told the Connecticut Post he kept quiet for a year so as to not influence the election but went to police because he has "had enough of his tactics and the way he does business through intimidation." Webbe often attends selectmen's meetings to criticize Hermann and was arrested for disorderly conduct at one for refusing to stop talking, a charge that Webbe is taking to a jury trial.

Michael R. Samuels called a Cromwell medical supply shop looking for a nebulizer, a device that evaporates prescription drugs into an inhalable mist. When an employee told him they didn't have one, he allegedly ranted he was going to shoot up the store. The cool-headed employee managed to keep Samuels, 60, on the phone for 45 minutes, during which he offered up his real name and address, police told the New Haven Register. While still on the phone, the employee passed that information to a manager, who passed it onto police, who moved in to scoop up Samuels at his home before he hung up.

On his court date for an alleged parole violation, convicted burglar Kahlil Y. Soria allegedly called in a bomb threat to the G.A. 10 Court in New London. Though the courthouse was evacuated, the call had no effect on Soria's case because he apparently called the wrong New London courthouse; his case was heard at the Superior Court (which handles felonies), not the G.A. 10 (which handles misdemeanors). In his absence, a judge ordered Soria, 32, back to jail for 30 months and he faces new charges for the alleged threat, reports the New London Patch website.

A Darien woman was apparently ransacking Tiffany & Co. like she was Newt Gingrich. The woman, a vice president at the historied outfitter of the one percent, had authority to "check out" jewelry pieces to show them to potential manufacturers. She used it to sell 164 such items, worth a total of $1.3 million, to an international dealer, according to an FBI press release. Police have arrested Ingrid Lederhaas-Okun (a name that sounds like it belongs to a Tiffany & Co. executive). Her alleged take included several 18-carat and diamond items.

A New Haven man was charged with reckless use of a scooter. Two officers say they spotted Roger Harrison swerving in and out of traffic and going the wrong way down a one-way street. Harrison, 18, then allegedly picked up a 17-year-old passenger with a BB gun slung on his back. They reportedly fled from the police cruiser, until it managed to pull ahead and block their path on the sidewalk, at which point the passenger was flung off, losing his BB gun and one shoe. Harrison reportedly sped off but an officer on foot caught up with him, reports the New Haven Register.

Scary-Ass Kids: A 12-year-old alleged gang member is accused of robbing and viciously beating a restaurant worker in Stamford. Police told the Stamford Advocate that the posse of teens and tweens are targeting Hispanic immigrants who are known to carry large sums of cash. Also, an 11-year-old Norwich boy has been charged with arson after he allegedly torched a vacant apartment building to cover the tracks of himself and three friends, ages 11 and 12, who had robbed it, reports the Norwich Bulletin.

Days before July 4, West Haven police uncovered a massive illegal fireworks ring. A police spokesperson told the New Haven Register that the quantity of explosives, stored in two homes and a trailer, was "sizeable" and included "higher grade explosives." The alleged ringleader, Robert Crisco, knew the destructive power of the illicit products: He's a New Haven firefighter. Crisco, 43, has been placed on administrative leave.

Also on paid leave from his job is Walter Freitag who was one of six people allegedly caught soliciting an undercover female police officer posing as a prostitute in New Britain, according to the New Britain Herald. Freitag then had some explaining to do is his employer: Strong Elementary School in Southington, where he teaches fourth grade.

A Waterbury man turned down a neighbor's request to fill up a plate at his July 4 cookout. The neighbor, who happens to be named Jackie Wilson, wasn't content to go home and cry some lonely teardrops; instead he returned with a BB gun, police told the Waterbury Republican-American. Wilson, 40, was reportedly disarmed quickly. 


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