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Bartender Buddha: Brent Bushong of Millwright's Restaurant and Tavern in Simsbury

Brent Bushong
Found at: Millwright's Restaurant and Tavern (Simsbury)


Where do you draw your inspiration from?

From the building. We also think regionally. We go back to the days of two- to three-ingredient cocktails. We are all about making the beer, wine and cocktails pair with our dishes. Chef Tyler Anderson and I sit down and discuss the menu everyday. We change it up constantly. For example we are currently putting an emphasis on rhubarb. We make a rhubarb mojito and make a rhubarb minuet for our oysters.

What ingredient do you want to see used more often?

Wholesome ingredients; I personally don't think craft cocktails should have artificial liqueurs. We use a lot of bitters, some we make in house. We like to use bitters because they can really take you down a path.

Are there cocktail trends you hate?

Yes and it's the same ones with food. Cocktails should be simple. Customers should be able to make it at home. I don't like it when people try too hard to make things happen. I understand there is a place for that in some bars.

Who are your pickiest customers?

There isn't a specific demographic. The most demanding are the most discerning. We try to make sure that every bartender makes every drink the same way.


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