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Crime and Punishment: City Councilman records diss track about the Norwalk Mayor

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Norwalk City Councilman David Watts objected to the city's purchase of a new $30,000 Ford Edge for use by Mayor Richard Moccia and he found the perfect way to raise his concern: diss track! "Look at the mayor in a brand new car, riding around like a movie star," Watts raps on a song called "Brand New Car" (set to Tyga's "Rack City"), "paid for by you and me, so you know he had to get a SUV." Watts, who has been rapping as a hobby since high school, ends the track with, "Elect a new mayor!" Arguments between Moccia, a Republican, and Watts, a Democrat, have been heated and have even spilled out into the parking lot after city council meetings. Moccia told The Hour that Watts is "a pretty bad rapper and not much better of a councilman." (The time we spent playing "Brand New Car" on YouTube supported the mayor's first claim.)

On April 20, some Milford public school students will participate in the national "Day of Silence" to protest the harassment of LGBT youths — over the objections of James Loomer, pastor of the Milford Christian Church. Loomer asked the Board of Education to ban the anti-bullying action because the group organizing the event, GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) supposedly gives kids reading materials that are "vile, graphic, promoting foul language, and child sex." After the Board of Ed meeting, Loomer apparently tried to dodge New Haven Register reporter Brian McCready. According to McCready's blog, Loomer suddenly "didn't want to draw attention to the issue," probably because, when asked, he wasn't able "to go into specifics except to say the [GLSEN] materials promoted promiscuity."

A Bridgeport kindergartener reportedly brought his stepfather's jacket, containing 50 packets of heroin, to class for "show and tell." The five-year-old boy "opened the jacket and showed off to his classmates 10 small plastic bags, each containing five folds of heroin," reports the Connecticut Post. A flabbergasted teacher swiped it away and alerted the principal. Later that day, the stepdad, 35-year-old Santos Roman, allegedly rushed into the school in a frantic state, but by that time police had apparently seized the drugs and later arrested Roman. (The boy is in state custody.)

A 22-year-old Stratford man was allegedly both victimized by car thieves and recovered his stolen vehicle through Craigslist. The man claims Tamar Constanza and Jovani Capozziello responded to his post on the site, came to look at the car he was selling and then drove off with it. He later saw a new Craigslist post advertising what appeared to be his stolen car. With help from friends and family, he contacted the sellers to arrange a time and place to see it. The alleged victim's father then called police and the car was recovered and the two arrested, reports the Connecticut Post.

David Hamilton of Manchester went to his doctor's office to complain that his medications were too expensive and when the doc wasn't in, Hamilton, 67, did the only sensible thing he could do: He allegedly went to the physician's home and ran over his garbage cans and mailbox. When a police officer went to Hamilton's home, Hamilton said he was going to get his ID and came back with a rifle, police told the Manchester Patch website. The officer and Hamilton's son were able to subdue him.

A "highly intoxicated" Terrance M. Nelson allegedly was discovered at the Middletown Area Transit men's room, where he sat "on the toilet with his pants buckled," the Middletown Patch site specified. After police were called he left and proceeded to a Middletown diner, where he passed out at the counter. As police ushered him into an ambulance, Nelson, 54, allegedly grabbed the leg of a female EMS worker in a "sexual manner" and informed her, "I know karate."

Several news vans were stationed on the shores of Bantam Lake last week, looking for signs of a downed UFO. Yeah, really. Reports that "a green object the size of a whale dropped from the sky" came into Litchfield County Dispatch, reports the Republican-American of Waterbury, but nothing was found.

A man stopped by the ShopRite in Fairfield to pick up some groceries on Easter Sunday and somehow managed to move about the store and fill his cart with several items before realizing no one else was there and the store was closed for the holiday, reports the Fairfield Citizen. He called police who called an employee to lock the doors.

A user on the image-sharing website Imgur posted a photo of what appears to be a nearly nude man with his pants around his ankles rubbing up against an icebox outside the Dixwell Deli in New Haven. No news reports about the incident have surfaced. Said one commenter, "[T]hat man is fucking cool."

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