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Best Place to See a Concert

1st) Oakdale Theatre

The Oakdale is run by Live Nation, which streamlines the process of getting big name acts to come to our little state, but that doesn’t mean the Oakdale doesn’t want to hear what you have to say. “We’re trying to reach out to people via social media avenues. There are some other venues that aren’t doing that as well as we are,” says Marketing Coordinator Erik Mansur. “The reactions we have let [Facebook and Twitter followers] interact with us, more of a two-way communication. We get a total different perspective,” Mansur says. Marketing Manager Chris Charest adds: “I think it’s the best-sounding venue I’ve ever been in.” The Oakdale has two rooms in which you can see a show, the main theater and the dome, and both of these rooms deliver quality-sounding live shows. Hosting bands in the dome is an idea that was resurrected within the last year or so. It offers bands that wouldn’t be able to fill the main theater a chance to play to a general-admission crowd while still benefiting from all that the Oakdale offers. Charest notes that last year, Dropkick Murphys, Angels and Airwaves, and Modest Mouse were all “fast sellouts” in the dome. Marketing Director Jim Bozzi says opening up the dome to more up and coming acts “brought a different kind of audience in, so it gives them a kind of club/bar experience.” Above all else, it’s obvious that these guys love what they do, and that translates into better shows and a better experience for the concert-goer. “We have to love what we do. It’s entertainment with a capital E,” Bozzi says.

95 S. Turnpike Road
(203) 265-1501


2nd) Toad's Place

300 York St.
New Haven
(203) 624-8623

3rd) Mohegan Sun

1 Mohegan Sun Blvd.
(888) 226-7711

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