Year in Review: News Quiz

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  • 1. What is the captain of the ill-fated Costa Concordia cruise ship that ran aground in Tuscany, killing 32 people, being accused of?

    • A. Bringing the cruise ship too close to shore

    • B. Delaying the evacuation of the ship

    • C. Abandoning ship while passengers and crew were still trying to escape

    • D. All of the above

  • 2. Superstorm Sandy led to a change in criteria in which type of storm warning?

    • A. Cyclone

    • B. Tsunami

    • C. Hurricane

    • D. Tropical storm

  • 3. Which social media website became a publicly traded company in 2012?

    • A. Facebook

    • B. Twitter

    • C. Instagram

    • D. Myspace

  • 4. How long after the polls closed did Mitt Romney concede the presidential election to President Obama?

    • A. About 20 minutes

    • B. About 30 minutes

    • C. About 60 minutes

    • D. About 90 minutes

  • 5. Which three states made history on November 6, extending marriage rights to same-sex couples by popular vote?

    • A. Washington, Maryland, Maine

    • B. Pennsylvania, Colorado, Maryland

    • C. Florida, Maine, Iowa

    • D. Nevada, Washington, Minnesota

  • 6. Which nation saw its first visit from a United States president in 2012?

    • A. Brunei

    • B. Myanmar

    • C. Christmas Island

    • D. East Timor

  • 7. The terrorist attack in Benghazi presented a problem in Susan Rice's appointment to what cabinet position?

    • A. Secretary of Defense

    • B. Secretary of Homeland Security

    • C. Secretary of State

    • D. Attorney General

  • 8. What defense is George Zimmerman expected to use in the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Florida?

    • A. Self-defense

    • B. Stand your ground

    • C. Castle doctrine

    • D. Justifiable homicide

  • 9. The United States joined France, Britain, Turkey and the Gulf states in recognizing the opposition coalition of what country?

    • A. Syria

    • B. Congo

    • C. Tunisia

    • D. Iraq

  • 10. What iconic treat flew off store shelves after Hostess announced plans to close its operations?

    • A. Swiss Rolls

    • B. Nilla Wafers

    • C. Nutty Bars

    • D. Twinkies




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