Woman hit by truck reveals new info to Fox 59

An Indianapolis woman is breaking her silence in hopes of putting ex away longer

Indianapolis, Ind.

An Indianapolis woman who said she was hit by her ex-husband’s pick-up truck is revealing new information about the incident  in hopes authorities will hike up charges against him.

Theresa Mynatt suffered a shattered pelvis and lacerations on her left thigh after police say, her ex-husband ran into her with his pick-up truck last week and left the scene.

The Marion County Prosecutor did not charge Steven Mynatt with attempted murder. Instead, Mynatt was charged with criminal recklessness and failing to stop after an accident. Theresa Mynatt said she didn't tell detectives how her ex-husband intended to kill her, because she was "scared to death" he might retaliate.

Mynatt spoke to Fox 59 over the phone from her hospital room in the intensive care unit at Wishard Hospital.

"The only way to get justice for yourself is to speak out and tell the truth and you know tell people what happened," she said.

She said she and Steven Mynatt got into an argument late at night at the home they share and she decided to take a walk to cool down. She said that only enraged her ex-husband even more.

"He told me that if I left the house, he would kill me."

She said he had been drinking, but he jumped into into his pick-up truck and went looking for her. When he found her, he "darted" at her and his truck pulled up onto the sidewalk.

Out of fear for her life, Theresa Mynatt said she began knocking on doors screaming for help. She said her ex-husband came after her a second time and ran into her.

"I heard his truck coming," she said. "His truck was so fast I just had time to turn around when he hit me."

The impact was so strong, Theresa remembers being lifted off the ground and hitting the windshield. She also remembers lying on the ground hearing her ex-husband beg her to get up.

"C'mon Theresa. Get up. I don't want to go to jail.' I just remember him saying that."

Nearby residents called 911 and came out to see what had happened. According to court documents, Steven Mynatt left the scene and left Theresa. Officers found him at home walking his dog.

"It's the worst feeling in the world," Theresa Mynatt explained. "To feel that someone you've loved for so long and you have two beautiful children with, can turn on you that bad and just leave you to laying there to die."

IMPD spokeswoman Catherine Cummings told Fox 59, hiding information from police out of fear is not uncommon in domestic violence cases, “because they involve a lot of emotion and people who are very intimate with one another."

She said that’s why detectives understand a victim might take time to come forward.

"We understand that it may be a process," said Cummings, who added Theresa Mynatt can still give authorities new information. If the Prosecutor decide charges need to be changed, dropped, or added, it can be done so.

Theresa Mynatt hopes her story will give other women the courage to speak up, before they ever wind up in a hospital bed like her.

"I still wish I would've said everything that night. But now I know I don't have to scared."

Steven Mynatt’s next court appearance is scheduled for November 21st.