UPDATE: For the first time the 15-year-old Carmel victim who said he was assaulted on a basketball team bus and repeatedly in the Carmel High School locker room spoke out Friday. Below are excerpts from the young man, his mother and his attorney Bob Turner.

On Scott Laskowski's plea deal and what the victim said he had hoped to hear from him:

"Personally I wanted to hear why he did what he did. I didn't understand. I never really got an answer. Over the past year I never got an apology, I'm not sure I got one there (at the plea hearing) or if it was a serious apology."

The teenage boy also spoke about being repeatedly a victim of bullying in the Carmel High School locker room and on the Carmel basketball bus ride home from Terre Haute.

"I didn't think I could avoid it. I didn't think there was a way out of it. Every time I hoped it would stop. And I wasn't sure what else there was to do. I had a lot of doubts. I thought if I told a principal or something like that it would be brushed off or they wouldn't believe me."

The victim said he thought each attack and bullying incident would be the last. Yet it wasn't. He said they continued repeatedly.

Reporter: "How hard was that?"

Victim: "Very."

Sources have told Fox59 the 15-year-old embellished what happened to him and that there was no anal penetration during the incident despite the fact that a DCS report substantiates his claims. To those accusations, the victim had this to say:

"I'm sure I would not make something like this up. I would not want to be here in this situation if I was making something like this up. This is a very very serious situation."

The victim says some kids at his new school try to make light of the attacks he endured by the Carmel basketball seniors.

"People joke about it. I'm very distolerant to that in fact I take it personal when kids do that."

The victim also had a message to other students:

"Speak up. There will always be something, somebody who's listening. Whether you tell your parents, or you tell the teacher it starts right there and hopefully they listen."

The victim's mother also spoke out about her outrage over the plea deal agreed to by Hamilton County Prosecutor Sonia Leerkamp involving one of the accused, Scott Laskowski. She and her husband say Leerkamp has never included them properly in any discussions of the plea or process in the case. Her husband handed her a paper which was a protective order for her son that was given to them at the hearing resulting from the plea deal which she says they were also never consulted on. The misdemeanor count involving her son's case was dropped as part of the plea yet she says Leerkamp never notified them.

"At that hearing I couldn't believe my ears. It just made me want to take this piece of paper and rip it up because all this is is a no contact order. I can protect my son myself. I will protect him from this point to the best of my ability."

Attorney Robert Turner who represents the family criticized Sonia Leerkamp at length including the following statements:

"She's formulated an opinion about this and she can't be objective about what she's doing. Either that or she's so closely involved politically in Hamilton County with other people that she cannot be fair and objective and maybe she should have appointed a special prosecutor. Politicians in Hamilton County have done everything to undermine rather than assist this victim from the beginning."

On the videotape (that's never been released) that supposedly shows the attack on the Carmel basketball bus ride home from Terre Haute, Fox59 News has learned you can make out the individuals Hoge, Kitzinger, and Laskowski going after the kids in the back of the bus. However, Fox59 has a source that says you cannot see any kind of sexual or anal attack involving pulling pants down on freshman as has been alleged by the 15-year-old victim. Turner denies those claims and says he has been shown portions of the video by Rick Lang, the Hendricks County detective working for the prosecutor on possible new charges in the bus incident.