A Lafayette swim coach, accused of doing nothing to stop the sexual abuse of a young swimmer by another coach, is defending her actions. But the victim’s family is not buying it.

Amanda Cox was not at swim practice, Friday, as she took a personal day to go over those accusations with her attorney.

A lawsuit filed this week claims Cox knew about a sexual relationship between former Lawrence North High School swim coach Chris Wheat and a then 14-year-old girl on his team. It also alleges that she did not report it as required by Indiana law.

Cox’s attorney told Fox 59, she had no idea Wheat was molesting anyone until the night before he was arrested. And that she did report it to the West Lafayette Police Department.

The victim’s attorney, Jonathan Little, believes Cox knew something was going on. He also says she knew about an inappropriate relationship with another girl and could’ve prevented it. 

"I've read the text messages," said Little.

Wheat told Cox about his relations with both victims in a text message conversation on October 4th.

Part of the conversation reads:

Wheat: Went too far this time...but it has stopped for now...

Cox: How far?

Wheat: Didnt have sex

Cox: “Ok so u didn't technically do anything wrong. So... why introuble?”

Wheat: “We went pretty far…”

Wheat: It nvr even got to this point with (name of another student redacted)

Cox: Good idea not to say anything! ;)

The next morning, police arrested Wheat, but Little says it had nothing to do with Cox.

"Chris Wheat was arrested, not because of the actions of Amanda Cox. He was arrested because of the actions of my clients mother," said Little.

He believes Cox should have contacted authorities immediately.

"If you're a teacher and you get text messages like this, you should immediately call police! You should call the police at 2 o'clock in the morning if you get a message that says I am having a physical relationship with a 14 year old. "

Cox’s attorney tell Fox 59, she does not believe she broke the law. Her school district is investigating the allegations and her actions.