Sugarland fan hopes free concert will bring healing

A free Sugarland concert will be held Friday at Conseco Fieldhouse


Ashlee Rollings was in the front row for the Sugarland concert with 15-20 friends Aug. 13, waiting for the band to take the stage.  When the wind started violently blowing, she and her friends started running.

She said she didn't realize the entire stage collapsed or how serious it was until she got home hours later and saw it on the news. Still, she's haunted by the night that turned deadly.

"Basically, I’m appreciative that I’m still here and all my friends are still here, but you also feel guilty. Why not everybody else, why not them? It's a mix of emotions."

Emotions she believes the free concert Friday night will help heal. 

For all the people who share that terrifying experience, Friday night will hopefully be therapeutic and comforting. 

"We feel what you feel and we want you to know you're not alone," Rollings said. 

She made special t-shirts in honor of the victims and has raised $1,500 for the victims’ relief fund. 

Last week, she even had the honor of meeting Sugarland in Atlanta and giving them some of the shirts. She said she’ll be waiting to see if they wear the shirts on stage Friday night at Conseco Fieldhouse.