The President's decision to send more troops to Afghanistan comes as many soldiers are just now returning from Iraq.

Lt. Colonel Bernard Kruse is one of them and while he can't give his opinion on whether or not he's in favor of the President's plan he says he signed up to serve his country 28 years ago and that's what he's going to do.

"Our job is to support the president and help him achieve his objectives. That's what we're sworn to do."

His wife Becky who supports her husband and sons who are serving the country knows there's a chance her loved ones could be shipped off.

"It's nerve raking you know. My husband just returned so you have that in the back of your mind the separation."

International relations expert Milind Thakar believes it's necessary that the United States sends additional troops to Afghanistan saying it's in a very dangerous situation now and the Taliban has made resurgence.

"It's necessary that the President at least stabilize Afghanistan. Pakistan is another matter. But you cannot have instability in two neighboring countries."

But the University of Indianapolis professor says troop increase alone won't save Afghanistan.

"Not just a military surge but an accompanying civilian surge. Surge in aid and funding as well as diplomatic tweeking of the Pakistanians to ensure better cooperation."

But no matter the plan, war weary residents seem unsure of the President's plan.

"I hope there aren't young men who's lined up thinking the change of being shipped over there would be a lot less and now they're having to go."