The annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure will return to Military Park in Indianapolis on April 21. For residents of Brownsburg, and especially the school corporation, the event hits close to home in a very personal way as the town aims to up the ante on last year’s success of raising $23,000 for the Susan G. Komen Central Indiana Affiliate.

Bringing the disease even more to the forefront is that two Brownsburg Community School Corporation teachers are facing their own battles with breast cancer. Maria McGill, a middle school teacher at Brownsburg West Middle School, discovered that she had the disease at one of the most inopportune times imaginable for an educator.

“I was diagnosed literally a few days before school was starting so, as a teacher, it’s already a stressful time,” she said.

Just a few weeks ago though, McGill’s oncologist declared her cancer free.

Anne Hurd is a perfect example of why women need to constantly check themselves for potential issues that could be a sign of the disease. She is a nurse at Cardinal Elementary School in Brownsburg.

“When people found out, they were stunned,” she said. “They said I was one of the healthiest people they knew. At the time I was teaching four Zumba classes a week so I felt like as far as a healthy lifestyle goes, I had it. My genetic testing came back negative. They said it was like a lightning strike. They couldn’t give me a reason why it happened.

Donna Petraits, communications coordinator for the BCSC and a breast cancer survivor herself, said it’s stories such as McGill’s and Hurd’s that help the town be so successful in raising money for the cure through a battery of events aimed to get everyone involved.