46-year-old David Ison has been charged with murdering five people in Franklin County.

Ison is charged with the murders of Roy, Angela, Melissa and Jacob Napier and their neighbor, Henry Smith.  Detectives found their bodies after Melissa Napier's 4-year-old daughter was seen wandering alone near their home on Stipps Hill Road in Laurel.  Detectives found their bodies Sunday, September 25th.  For two weeks, many people in the community and family members wondered who and why someone murdered four members of the Napier family and Henry Smith.  FOX 59 obtained the Probable Cause affidavit, which detailed the relationship between the Napier's and David Ison.

According to the documents, Roy Napier sold his prescription medication to multiple people, including David Ison.  It said either Roy, his wife Angela, and their other son Joshua would go to Ison's camper or Ison would visit the Napier home.  According to the paperwork, on Friday, September 23rd, Roy Napier picked up his medication, oxycodone, at Kroger in Connersville.  Then, on Saturday, September 24th, Ison's girlfriend identified as Amanda Napier told detectives Ison called Roy and Angela to ask if he had the drugs and to let them know he was going to pick it up.

Then on Sunday, September 25th, Amanda Napier said she drove Ison to the Napier's home.  When they arrived, Amanda Napier said she heard shots and that Ison told her it was from a shotgun.  She said Ison was gone for about 5 minutes, when she heard 6 or 7 shots, the paperwork states.  In the court documents, Amanda Napier told detectives she then saw a man, who the Franklin County Prosecutor identified as Henry Smith, walk toward the Napier home.  She said, not even a minute later, Henry Smith ran back and Ison was chasing him.  Amanda Napier described, at that point, they were not in view.

Franklin County Prosecutor, Melvin Wilhelm said, "I don't know what happened in that house other than 5 people were killed".

In her statement, Amanda Napier also told detectives she asked Ison whether he was involved in the murders and she said he told her he was not, but later stated he was about to be robbed and defended himself.  "I'm upset at the action.  You know, 5 people are dead that doesn't happen here," Wilhelm said.

FOX 59 learned Ison told Amanda Napier he was lied to, according to her.  She said he was supposed to get a certain number of pills.  In her statement, Amanda Napier said Ison was mad because Roy Napier had, recently, raised the price of the pills by $2.

Wilhelm said he has been told both families want to seek the death penalty, which is a decision he said he would make down the road.  "There's some soul searching I'll have to do.  There's no questioning I'm going to pray about it.  Its not something I take lightly, but I understand the family also," he said.

Two other people were interviewed by detectives, Joshua Napier and his girlfriend.  They said Roy Napier sold his prescription pills.  His son, Joshua, said to multiple people.

According to Wilhelm, the case is a "work in progress".  He said they are waiting for lab results and ballistic tests.