The body of Patrick Trainor, 19, was found inside his car below the surface of a Fishers community retention pond Wednesday afternoon ending a four-day long search for the Purdue freshman.

Trainor sent a text message at 1:21 a.m. Sunday, advising a friend he was leaving a home near 116th Street and Brooks School Road and heading to meet another acquaintance. Minutes later his mother sent a text that was not answered. It would appear that Trainor was driving out of the Breakwater subdivision when he missed a curve in the road and drove some 60 feet into the retention pond.

"There were slight tracks, but again those tracks weren't visible," explained Sgt. Randy McFarland of the Fishers Police Department. "Maybe the grass popped up a little bit, I don't know, but I could see a little bit of flattened grass today from a certain angle but you had to be at a certain angle to see it."

"One of our divers went in and were able to locate Patrick's vehicle about 30 yards off the bank in about 10 feet of water," continued McFarland.

McFarland said investigators reviewed still photographs shot by a surveillance video system at the entrance to the development and determined Trainor's car entered the subdivision but never departed. Divers had searched a different section of the pond Tuesday night but returned for a second look Wednesday.

Meghan Wolff sat on the bank of the pond and stared into the water where her friend's body was found.

"I just know everybody was just pulling for him and I just felt the need to come out here," she said. "It always seems to be the people who don't deserve it and Pat was definitely someone who did not deserve this and it just kind of sucks."

Meghan said Patrick was on his way out of the Breakwater development after visiting a friend who was leaving for the army. Patrick's family said he was feeling good after bouncing back from recent surgery and was wrapping up his spring break before heading back to Purdue.