11 days and counting. That's how much time the colts have to prepare for Super Bowl 44.

Indianapolis has two years to get ready for Super Bowl 46, when the city will host the big game.

"Super Bowl Village" is taking shape.

The Super Bowl Village will take up roughly the area north of Monument Circle, which will host a Saturday night concert.

Down to South Street and from Conseco Fieldhouse to the Convention Center, will be the place for the NFL Experience.

"The NFL really takes the best ideas from the last one and moves it forward to the next one and the next one and we want to try to contribute to that legacy, " said Bill Browne, the architect on the project.

Beyond all the experience the city's had hosting major sporting events, Indianapolis leaders will be heading down to Miami for a look at their "Super Bowl Village" and all its events.

"We want to try to understand how they stage them and work them so we can translate that back to here in Indianapolis," explained Browne.

The trick is not losing something in the translation going from sunny Florida to Indianapolis. It's colder here, and that might work to the city's advantage.

"If we were doing a true winter festival, we could set up ice skating, ice sculptures, but can't predict that we'll have that kind of cold weather all week, " he went on.

Whatever weather may come, Indianapolis is a compact, close city, and that goes in the fans' favor getting to and from the game to their hotel, shopping, and restaurants.

The proximity of the hotels and our major venues to the stadium will make this no doubt one of the most convenient Super Bowl experiences ever, " said Anthony Mason, senior vice-president of the Host Committee.

At one block intervals, what's known as a "warm zone" will be placed for fans, where ach corner will have it's own entertainment option.

"Maybe at one intersection, there may be country western activities where there's line dancing going on, and then you might go to a jazz area, or a rock and roll area, said Browne.

Mason said he feels confident Indianapolis will make a good impression.

"Once it's all said and done, the NFL will gladly come back and say, "City of Indianapolis, we'd like for you to host the event again!" He said.

First, we have to get through 2012.

Roughly 25 million dollars has been donated to the superbowl experience.

In addition, the city will rely on the services of about 8,000 volunteers. At this point, only about 800 are still needed.