Pacers open single-game tickets up for sale


With the home opener exactly one month away, the Indiana Pacers opened single-game tickets up for sale to the general public Wednesday.

The team said 500 tickets for each game will be priced at $10, with the rest ranging from $15 to $150.  Tickets can be purchased at the arena box office or on the team's official website.

Wednesday's sale is for games in the first half of the season.

"The first half of the season we have a nice mix of games. The second half of the season we play a lot of our big opponents," said Todd Taylor, senior vice president/ chief sales and marketing officer.  "Really what we're trying to do is get people excited, people focused on the first half of the season. And then we'll tackle the second half of the season a little later on."

Despite last season's success, many empty seats remained at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.  The team hopes that changes this year.

"This year we feel like it's kinda normal year, if there is such a thing in sports," Taylor said.

"Last year was pretty unique with the lockout and the economy and a lot of factors maybe against us.  We had the Super Bowl here, which was a wonderful thing for the city, a little bit difficult to compete against.  So this year is really a fresh year."

Taylor told Fox 59 News the organization is optimistic about the buzz surrounding the team.  Ticket package sales, which often offer a lower per game price, are up 30 percent from last year, he said.