Indiana GOP: Palin's decision not to run in 2012 "not surprising"

Party looks forward to ┬┐full field┬┐ of Republican candidates to turn state red


You won't find too many Hoosier Republicans rattled over Sarah Palin's decision to not run in the 2012 presidential election.

The former republican vice presidential candidate announced that decision during a radio interview Wednesday, saying she would "be able to be even more active" and "say what she wants to say" by staying out of the race.

For months, Palin fueled rumors she might run by starting a bus tour around the U.S. and by telling Newsweek she could win the race.

Indiana GOP spokesman Pete Seat told Fox 59 via text message, Wednesday evening, the news was "not surprising," because "she's built a brand outside of electoral politics."

Palin has a following in the Hoosier state, drawing crowds to her 2012 book signing in Carmel. Some fans waited more than 20 hours to meet their idol, snap a picture and get an autograph.

The former Alaska governor now joins other Republicans like New Jersey Governor Chris Christi who have turned down a 2012 bid.

Asked if that was a concern, Seat did not think so. He said the GOP has a "full field of candidates. Many of them have visited Indiana already."

Many Hoosier republicans like June Schmid of Indianapolis feel the same way.

"I think she would've been an excellent candidate, but I think that with the other people running now, that was a wise decision for her," said Schmid.

Republican Dave Bond, added, "There are people out there like Herman Cain who is doing the job of energizing a lot of people, not just Republicans."

GOP presidential front-runner and Texas governor Rick Perry is slated to visit Indianapolis on October 12.

Fellow Republican presidential hopefuls Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, and Jon Huntsman have already visited with voters in Indiana.