Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard pledges to veto a proposal that would allow guns in city parks.

The proposed ordinance was introduced before the city-county council Monday night. The bill's sponsor says the proposal would bring the city in line with recent changes in federal and state park law.

The bill may have little hope of becoming law. In a statement Tuesday, the mayor says he does not support the gun proposal and promises to veto it if it reaches his desk.


A controversial vote could allow guns in Indianapolis parks.

Proposal #39, to be introduced at Monday's city-county council meeting, is authored by Libertarian councilor Ed Coleman.

Coleman wants to amend an existing ordinance, and allow residents with permits here in Marion County to carry guns in city parks, should they choose.

Here's something you may have not known: it is already perfectly legal to carry a firearm at state parks throughout all of Indiana if you have a permit. It's been that way since 2006.

On the federal level it will be legal to carry a firearm at all national parks later this month. Again, if you have a permit.

In May 2009, the senate passed a measure that allows visitors to carry concealed, loaded firearms both in national parks and in wildlife refuges. That bill goes into effect on february 20th.

Councilor Coleman told me today citizens of Marion County should have the right to bear arms in city parks, especially if they are already allowed to do so at both the state and federal level.

There are many who strongly oppose guns in city parks, and therefore strongly disagree with Councillor Coleman's proposal.

Council will not vote on the proposal Monday, it will merely be introduced and sent to the parks and recreation committee.

A public hearing on the matter is scheduled for February 25th.