Franklin Co. murder victims

Franklin Co. murder victims

Funeral services will be held this week for five people killed in Franklin Co.

Angela, Roy, Melissa and Jacob Napier's funeral is scheduled for 2 p.m. Tuesday at Calvary Baptist Church in Connersville.  Henry Smith's funeral is schedule for 1 p.m. Monday at Buena Southern Missionary Baptist Church in Laurel.  The Napier's and Henry Smith will be buried at Stipps Hill Cemetery.

On Sunday, September 25th, Indiana State Police received a call from someone who said they found a 4-year-old girl, walking by herself on Stipps Hill Road.  Detectives said the little girl told them her family was dead.  

ISP troopers found Angela, Roy, Melissa, and Jacob Napier and their neighbor, Henry Smith, shot and killed.  About three days later, investigators had their suspicions about David Ison, 46, calling him a person of interest, but not saying why.  

Ison was arrested early Wednesday morning, accused of an attempted armed robbery from Ripley County, which dates back to May.  It was that day in court, on the unrelated charge, details emerged about evidence in the Franklin Co. murders, which detectives said they found at the home Ison was staying at.  FOX 59 learned, according to the Ripley County chief deputy prosecutor, the evidence in part was clothing from a victim, a handgun similar to one used in the shootings, ammunition and shoes with footprints similar to ones found at the crime scene.  Ison's father said his family is close and religious, and now their name is now smeared all over.

"I didn't know that face,” said David Ison’s father. “Yea, that's my son...that's him, but the look in his eyes and the expression on his face, I've never seen that.  I've never seen that in him.  I don't know if he did this and they don't neither, but yet we're judged.”

Ison is not a suspect in this case, nor has he been formally charged.  The victims’ families are trying to get to the bottom of who is responsible for the shootings.  

"I hope that this arrest leads to finding out who did this," said a relative of Henry Smith.

Ison is behind bars on the attempted armed robbery charge.  His bail has been set at $5 million.

FOX 59 spoke with the Franklin County Prosecutor who said he has not seen the paperwork on the investigation yet.  He said a decision on whether Ison will face charges will not be made until, possibly, late this week.