On one side it offers meals and services to the homeless through the Shalom Center. On the other side of the building there is a day center for young children.

"Clearly it makes me nervous," said Sara Hamidovic, who brings her two year old boy to the day center.

Until we told her, Hamidovic was unaware that Fred Leon Reed, a convicted child molestor, who served ten years in prison and is now on the sex offender registry, has been in and out of the Shalom Community Center. Director of the day shelter Joel Rekas wouldn't speak to Fox59 on camera but has said he knew Reed was on the sex offender list, but that as long as people serve their time, they are treated alike. Hamidovic says it's unsettling to know someone with that type of record is so close to kids.

"You know, I want my child to be safe," Hamidovic said. "I want to be somewhere where I know that he's safe when I'm at work so I'm not worry about his safety and security and things like that."

George Purnell, the head pastor at the church says they do take the security of the children very seriously, and he says they've done so successfully for ten years by taking a number of steps. One of the most important precautions is a set of double doors inside the building that separate the children's area from the Shalom Center. It's a door that features locks on both sides that have to be unlocked with keys.

The church also has two staff members keeping watch over children when they're out in the fenced in playground and they keep all entrances to the day center locked except for the front door, which is staffed by someone at the front desk.

Pastor Purnell told Fox59 "We are very conscious of any risks to children. And the best evidence is that in ten years, no child has ever had a problem with safety."

"I think they do a really good job here of you know monitoring who comes in, who goes out," Hamidovic said. "My own parents are ID carded whenever they come in to get my son."

Though that may be, she says she believes the day center should be more proactive.

"I think the parents should be notified," Hamidovic said. "So that the parents have a choice, 'Yes I want my kid to continue coming here or no I do not.'"

When it comes to Fred Reed, Sara says she understands the shelter's position, but it doesn't necessarily ease her mind.

"I would have a hard time saying you're out on the street, but then again, if he were to mess with my son it would be a completely different story."

Fred Reed served his time in Marion County, and he has a probation hearing in Monroe County scheduled for early April. At that time, he may be required to keep a certain distance from facilities such as the church day center.