City-County Council votes in favor of smoking ban

The City County Council voted in favor of a smoking ban Monday.


There are still some big questions for the city before the Super Bowl on February 5.

The main question right now is will smoking be allowed?

The City-County Council voted in favor of a city-wide smoking ban Monday.  However, it is not a done deal, just yet.

The proposal eliminates smoking in bars, bowling alleys, restaurants and hotel rooms.

“I think it is best, think it is great,” said supporter Julie Currise. “I support any bar who executes it immediately.”

Members voted 19-9 in favor of the smoking ban.

“After many years of working on this proposal, I’m excited the Council has taken this important step to protect children, hospitality workers, visitors and improve our overall public health,” said Councilor Angela Mansfield.

The measure now moves to Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard's desk.

“This has been a bipartisan effort with compromise on both sides,” said Councilor John Barth. “Now, it’s the mayor’s turn to take action. I encourage Mayor Ballard to sign this ordinance as soon as possible.”

In an interview with Fox59’s Morning News, Mayor Greg Ballard addressed the passing of the smoking ban in the City-County Council.  He stated he has not had the chance to read the ordinance yet.