Butler University fans showed their support for the men's basketball team Thursday just hours before the game as did their cafeteria chefs. They served blue pizza, cupcakes and more.

Executive Chef Scott Tope banned all things red. He said the Wisconsin Badgers would not be getting any kind of love in the university's main dining hall.

"It's a blue cupcake with blue frosting, and I'm pretty sure it's vanilla. It's very good. I already had one. This is my second," said Shelby Shedrow, a Butler University student.

A special order was placed for what Tope called Butler Blue food coloring.

"It's testing people's Butler spirit. It has been fun. It's been a lot of fun," said Tope.

He said the traditional blue food coloring simply would not do for Butler fans who also had their pick of desserts inside the dining hall. There were baskets full of cookies in the shape of letter B's, basketballs and dog bones, and there were blue over red parfaits.

"Everyone gets into it. All the food is blue and festive. It's just a fun time," said Jeff George, another student.

The students are gearing up for what they  hope is another big NCAA run.

"I think after last year people started to recognize our name more and more, and it's just exciting," said student Bethany Ryder.

Ryder and other students inside the dining hall said they would be resting up much of Thursday so that they will be properly prepared for the late tip-off.

"It'll be fun either way. Luckily, I don't have class tomorrow. It'll be nice to stay up and watch the game," said Brad Vogelsmeier, another Butler student.

University officials organized a viewing party for students, faculty and staff Thursday night.