Tom Meador stood in the intersection of 1st and Grant Streets as he recalled the storm that caused a 10-ton tree limb to fall on the roof of his 105-year-old house.

"It sounded like a cannon going off," said Meador.

He spoke to Fox59 News after his insurance adjuster left Tuesday.

"It sounded like machine guns as it snapped off and I could hear all the transformers around town popping," remembered Meader.

Sunlight leaked through a couple holes in the ceiling as crews scrambled across the roof to stretch out blue tarp before the next round of storms sweeps through Bloomington.

"They've never seen a house survive anything like this and it was a total miracle the whole house didn't get flattened to the ground," said Tom.

Branches and trees came down, some of them pulled out by their roots like the ancient oak outside the Plantation South Apartments near 2nd and Dunn Streets.

"There were people in the downstairs apartment directly beneath the tree and there's another apartment above them so the tree didn't come down directly on them," said Maribeth Coller of Campus Walk Apartments. "They were pretty shaken up and seemed a little dazed afterwards."

By mid-afternoon Tuesday, a crane arrived to assist crews cutting branches off the main tree trunk which caved in the second floor wall and ceiling. At one point during the hours after the storm, Duke Energy reported 12,500 customers without power. Thankfully, there were no injuries.

"It's amazingly, not as bad as it looks. That apt is clearly crushed but the one underneath it is intact," said Maribeth.

Reporter: "The upstairs apartment, you gonna forgive the people on their damage deposit?"

"Well, as long as they clean the carpet," she laughed.

Crews also worked along the campus of Indiana University to pick up debris left behind from the storm.