What was once a safe neighborhood - the Van Buren Park subdivision - has virtually overnight become a hotbed of vandalism. Everything from homes, cars and even dumpsters has been defaced.

Phillip and Wilma Jerrell woke up Monday morning to find the entire side of their house spray painted.

"The first thing you think is you feel unsafe in my own home and we've lived here for 35 years," said Phillip. "You just feel like you've been invaded."

And they're not alone. Several dozen other homes, vehicles and even a school bus were tagged.

"The area just doesn't feel as safe as it used to," added Phillip.

At least eight different streets have some signs of spray paint on them all bearing similar colors and symbols. It's left residents to worry that the graffiti could belong to gangs.

"These people are just starting to mark their territory and I feel it will escalate into something more violent," said phillip.

But the Monroe County Sheriff's office thinks it's just kids with too much time on their hands.

"It's probably children of a younger age and they're probably making a statement that they're out of school and they decided to do a little painting on the side," said Michael Pershing of the Monroe County Sheriff's Department.

Unfortunately, now the Jerrell's will have to do a lot of painting with what little money they're left with from their fixed income - not exactly the retirement they had banked on.

"There's a lot of nice people in this neighborhood and we've worked hard our whole life and all we want is peace and quiet and we want to be left alone," said Wilma.

The sheriff's office says it plans to step up patrols in the area, but also warns residents to be extra vigilant. Police are in the process of reviewing surveillance tapes in hopes of catching the vandals.