Friends and teachers at Decatur Central High School say that Eduard Whetstone was the kind of kid who enjoyed extreme sports. He enjoyed cycling and boarding and he used to come to school with injuries from the sports he loved.

Decatur Central High School administrator Kelly McWilliams says it was common that Eduard would come to school with some kind of extreme style sports injury.

"Oh he loved that. He loved his music."

But this is an injury though that he will not come back from.

"Students are not invincible and there are factors out there that we've got to think about. We have to know our surroundings constantly know what's going on around you," said McWilliams.

Eduard's aunt Shannon Lindley cautions other teenagers to not take life for granted.

"Remember to slow down and think about things," she said.

Her fondest memory of her nephew - a simple kiss.

"He used to fight me about it but he knew when he walked through the door he had to come see Shannon so aunt Shannon could give him a kiss on the forehead and tell him how much she loved him."

Investigators believe the Monday night crash in front of the Ameriplex Industrial Park entrance could have been avoided. Witnesses say the 17 year-old was in the road while an oncoming semi had a green light to continue southbound on Kentucky Avenue. Witnesses also say he was listening to an iPod and wearing a hoody, possibly acting as a distraction.

School administrators say the death is especially tragic since Eduard had taken a strong interest in improving his grades for college.

The semi truck driver was not cited. He did not have any alcohol or drugs in his system.

At Decatur Central High School they plan to memorialize Eduard with a poster board and also a video. Funeral arrangements are pending.