BBB issues warning about Santa email websites

The Better Business Bureau is warning families about sending emails to Santa.


Sending Santa a Christmas list could put you and your children at risk. The Better Business Bureau is warning families of Santa email sites that share or sell your information.

Shelby Aughe is 4-years-old. She knows she has to be on her best behavior. She has an elf on the shelf in her house and she says that elf is tattling on her to Santa, “He hears me.”

Shelby has a long Christmas list this year that she plans to send the already written list to Santa.

However, the Better Business Bureau is warning families about sending emails to Santa.

“Your information can then be shared with other people in a way that you don't want to happen,” said Bill Thomas with BBB.

If you type in a search for “Santa emails,” dozens pop up. Some Santa email websites offer warnings and others give you the option of sharing information. The BBB recommends that parents only use children’s websites that tell you their privacy policy.

Thomas said parents need to check if any information is being shared. His best advice is not to give much information at all.  

“Provide the child's first name and the email address,” said Thomas. “There is no other personal private information that these sites need to carry on this activity.”

Fox 59 was able to find several websites that allow parents to enter limited information and still receive a response from Santa. Shelby’s mom, Laura Aughe, is keeping her list on paper.

“I like the good ole tradition,” said Aughe.

As for Shelby, she’s not really worried about how to send Santa her list. Her major concern is making sure Santa can get in her house and making sure that elf on the shelf doesn’t deliver any dirt to Santa.

“If daddy keeps the fire on, Santa will get fire on him,” said Shelby.