Noted defense attorney James Voyles confirms that his client, Jay Rosenbaum, has taken and passed a polygraph examination regarding his version of the morning an IU coed disappeared.

“He has provided full statements to the police and passed a polygraph that has also been provided to the authorities,” Voyles said in a statement.

Lauren Spierer was at Rosenbaum’s apartment at 297 West 11th Street twice on the morning of June 3rd. Rosenbaum told Bloomington Police, in a statement released by Lt. Bill Parker, June 4th, that he saw Spierer walk eastbound on 11th Street toward College Avenue at 4:30 a.m. after trying to convince her to sleep at his apartment. Sources tell Fox 59 News that 15 minutes earlier Spierer used Rosenbaum’s phone to call another friend, David Rohn, who did not answer.

“She was intoxicated,” Rohn told Fox 59 News on the afternoon of June 5th, about 48 hours after Spierer was reported missing. Rohn had been with Spierer at Rosenbaum’s apartment earlier in the morning. “I was with her that night actually. We were hanging out with our friends right here and I believe she went to (Kilroy’s) and I went to Smallwood and that’s the last I saw her.”

Within days of the disappearance Fox 59 reported that Rosenbaum hired Voyles, recognized as Indiana’s leading criminal defense attorney, and left Bloomington. Rosenbaum lives in West Bloomfield, Michigan. Ten days ago Fox 59 reported that a person of interest had passed a polygraph examination arranged by his attorney. Voyles’ statement confirms Rosenbaum is that person of interest.

Rosenbaum had been acquainted with Spierer’s boyfriend, Jesse Wolff, for several years after both students were part of an IU fraternity that was disbanded, according to a roommate of Wolff’s who spoke with Fox 59 News. Spierer, Rohn, Rosenbaum, Corey Rossman and Hadar Tamir spent part of the Memorial Day weekend together in the infield of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway at the 500 Mile Race. Tamir was Spierer’s roommate at the Smallwood Plaza apartment building. Rossman went with Spierer to Kilroy’s Sports Bar a couple hours before she disappeared and was assaulted by Wolff’s fraternity friends in the 5thfloor elevator lobby of Spierer’s apartment building. Spierer walked Rossman back to his apartment, two doors down from Rosenbaum’s, before going to Rosenbaum’s apartment at approximately 3:15 a.m.

An article Monday in the New York Post questioned Rosenbaum’s cooperation with the investigation and set off a flurry of internet comments resulting in media inquiries to Voyles. 

Charlene Spierer has recently turned up the heat on witnesses who may have information about her daughter’s disappearance.

“What are you waiting for?” she said during a recent news conference. “I am extremely disappointed by the fact that only one of Lauren’s friends have called the Bloomington Police department with any information.”

Bloomington Police Capt. Joe Qualters has discontinued regular press briefings on the investigation but insists investigators are still receiving and confirming information. Most students who lived in Smallwood Plaza have left Bloomington for the summer and returned home.

Robert Spierer told Fox 59 News he and his wife have no plans to leave Bloomington for their home in New York and will continue the search for their daughter.