Behind the badge, blond hair and more than a decade with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is Domestic Violence Detective Tiffany Haston, nominated for the America's Most Wanted All-Star award.

Haston says, "America's Most Wanted called me and informed me that someone had nominated me and I found out it was someone that I had helped with a case about three or four years ago."

A woman who wanted out of an abusive relationship... a victim who never forgot the cop who cared. Even so, the call three weeks ago from the TV show still came as a surprise.

"When someone notices what we do as police, it's appreciated for sure," said Haston.

The last four years Haston has used her psychology and social work background to help an often silent crime, where law enforcement is up against victims who return to the perpetrator. We've seen it in Hollywood Chris Brown and Rihanna, Charlie Sheen and Brook Mueller... and in Indianapolis. Nearly three years ago, Heather Norris was stabbed, set on fire and dismembered by her estranged boyfriend.

According to Haston, "We spend a lot of time with our victims educating them about the dangers of going back into that situation. Statistics show that an average of about seven times the victim leaves the perpetrator before she finally gets away from the relationship."

Haston is one of a 14 member unit that gives a vote of confidence to the faces of domestic violence and now she's asking of the community to vote for her in America's Most Wanted All-Star contest.

Haston says, "The America's Most Wanted people told me to spread the word so I've told all my friends and family so hopefully they're voting every day."

You can vote by clicking this link