Amber Hope Jackson, 28, was arrested Friday on ten charges, including Adoption Deception, Theft and Forgery. On Saturday Jackson spoke publicly for the first time with FOX 59 reporter Kent Erdahl inside the Marion County jail.

"I shouldn't have done it," Jackson said.

A day after her arrest for running an elaborate adoption scheme, 28 year old Amber Jackson admits she failed to consider the long term consequences of her actions.

Kent Erdahl: "Was there a motivation for telling these agencies you were pregnant?" Jackson: "Just stupidity pretty much."

Jackson says she told two different adoption agencies, including Bethany Christian Services in Indianapolis, that she was pregnant. In one case she claimed to be carrying twins. Court papers show she used fake documents, including doctor's notes verifying due dates, which never came.

Erdahl: "What were you thinking as this was approaching?" Jackson: "That one day it would catch up with me, and it did."

But it was too late for four hopeful couples, including Clayton and Kay Younggreen of Laporte, who say they gave Jackson more than $3,000 dollars. They also snapped a cell phone picture of her posing with Santa Clause, fake belly and all, during a shopping trip to buy Christmas presents for her and her five children.

"I know what I did is wrong," Jackson said as she broke into tears. "I know I'm going to probably serve years, but I really just wanted them to know I'm sorry."

Tonight Clayton Younggreen says he and his wife are encouraged by the apology and willing to move forward.

"Everybody makes mistakes," Younggreen says. "Your supposed to be forgiven and that's the way we'll look at it, and hopefully that forgiveness will give her the strength to turn her life around and make herself a better person."

Though Jackson vows to try, a brief conversation with her mother ensures her tears will continue. Prior to their talk, she says she failed to realize the long term consequences also extend to her entire family.

"I talked to (my mother) yesterday. She said she loves me very much, and I said I loved her too," Jackson said. "She probably told my kids, and their dad's locked up so now both their parents are locked up."

Jackson says she plans to repay all of the money she received once she finishes serving time.

Clayton Younggreen says he and his wife are still looking to adopt. He says the money they lost is less important than putting this experience behind them.