In Central Virginia, children are reported missing everyday. In Henrico County alone, more than 600 missing children reports were filed last year. Most of the children are located within several hours, but, there are some cases that go unresolved.

Henrico Detective, Eddie Kopacki, is still trying to solve one case that's more than a decade old. Kopacki still keeps the files for Brittany Williams on his desk. The little girl went missing in 2000, but, her disappearance wasn't reported to police until 2003.

Brittany was born with HIV and her mom, infected with the AIDS virus, died shortly after Brittany was born. Before she passed away, Brittany's mom turned over custody to a dear friend, Kim Parker. Parker already ran a charity called Rainbow Kids, where she provided care to two other disabled children.

However, investigators believe Parker had the wrong intentions. Kopacki said, "Some of the information we had was, Kim Parker didn't want her anymore, she lived too long, she tried to give her away to friends and family, friends who just couldn't at that point and next thing you know, she's missing."

They continued to question her about Brittany's disappearance and Parker told them she gave Brittany away to two friends in California. Kopacki tells CBS 6 they located the two women and they never had the little girl.

Kopacki said, police began to grow more suspicious of Parker. Investigators searched her home twice, looking for any signs of the little girl, but always turned up empty-handed.

Instead, Parker faced other charges related to Brittany's disappearance. Commonwealth's Attorney, Michael Feinmel said, they had enough evidence to convict Parker of welfare fraud. Feinmel tells CBS 6, Parker collected more than $16,000 in federal medical benefits while Brittany was no longer in her care. Parker used that money and money from donations to make upgrades to her home.

Feinmel said, "People would donate presents to this charity, Rainbow kids that Kim said she was running. Those presents were supposed to be going to the kids and we found Kim would take the presents back to the store and cash in the presents to try and get cash out of it."

Parker was sentenced to eight years in federal prison and two years in Henrico jail. Her attorney, Todd Stone said, "Her sentence on the fraud case was much more severe than it would have been for any other fraud case because of information about the child." Stone said there is no evidence to prove that she knows anything about Brittany's disappearance.

Kopacki said, before he retires this is the one case he would like to solve. He's hoping someone will come forward with new information.