Governor Jodi Rell got her special session today but not the one she wanted.

State lawmakers came to the State Capitol today but things wrapped us just as soon as they started. The total running time of the session, 17 minutes! The official start time was at 10:47 am and ended at 11:04 am. At about 9 thousand dollars a pop for the special session, if you do the math, that equals about $529 dollars a minute with taxpayers picking up the tab.

And who said money was tight, right?

Fired-up, Republican lawmakers fired back accusing the Democratic majority of being irresponsible and making them live the same day over and over again just like in the movie, “Ground Hog Day”.

“It’s the same old story over and over again,” said State Representative William Hamzy, a Republican from Plymouth.

“Let’s do it tomorrow, next week,” added House Minority Leader Larry Cafero. “We’ve got six months left in the fiscal year and we are a half billion dollars in the hole. We've got to do something now!"

Democratic Speaker of the House Chris Donovan says he'll call lawmakers back to work --when they can come up with a better plan and one they say won't cost the state five thousand jobs and lead to higher property taxes on the local level.

“We're doing things. People can talk but we are doing things.” Speaker Donovan said. “ I haven't heard one Republican say we want to cut the cities and aids by 84 million dollars. That is what the Governor put out! Their governor said let’s cut cities and towns."

Donovan threw out some more fighting words. “You know, they say stuff. They’ve been talking a lot and haven’t done anything. We passed a budget. The Republicans didn’t do anything. The Governor didn’t do anything.”

Donovan said he hopes to call lawmakers back next week before Christmas. However, Republicans said it will probably be more like Ground Hogs Day.