By Shelly Sindland

Despite what a recent government panel found, a major lobbyist representing insurance companies Friday promised women in Connecticut their coverage for their mammograms will not change.

"What we want women to know is that their coverage is not in danger. Connecticut has a very expansive law mandating coverage for mammography services and that their coverage is not going anywhere," said Keith Stover, a lobbyist representing the Connecticut Association of Health Plans.

This came during an informational hearing today at the State Legislative Office Building. State lawmakers wanted to know how the controversial recommendations would impact women and their coverage for mammograms.

Last month a Federal government panel on preventative care recommended women in their 40's not get mammograms. Instead, they said screening should start for women in their 50's and should be done every other year.

Stover said if you take the emotion of the equation, detecting cancer early saves insurance companies money. That's why, he said, it would not make financial sense to deny women in their 40's coverage based on one study!