Although details about the Annie Le killing remains in a sealed arrest affidavit, we learned much more about the 24 year old Yale graduate student as a person at a memorial service for her.

Classmates, teachers, and even people who had never met Le filed into Yale's historic "Battel Chapel."

Also in attendance, Le's family and her fiance who she was supposed to marry the very day police discovered her body stuffed behind a wall in a university laboratory.

At the service, professors talked about Le's bright professional future in the sciences, while her advisor and a classmate touched on lighter things, such as Le's love of fashion and fried food.

"I didn't know she liked Popeye's, I like Popeye's too, and she has a body where she doesn't eat Popeye's, so that's something that stood out," well-wisher Michael Howard pointed out.

Yale employee Dottie Cameron laughed, "Oh, those high heels clattering around, that's a riot, when you run into someone that can wear high heels in a lab, that's an accomplishment."

Next Tuesday, a judge will consider unsealing the arrest affidavit in Le's case.

Her accused killer, Raymond Clark, remains behind bars on $3 million bond.