Employees at American Airlines reservation center in Windsor were delivered bad news on Monday. Billy Sanz, Spokesperson for the company, said slower business forced the company to make tough decisions. Unfortunately for the Windsor office, where employees handled reservations and specific customer questions, that translated to cuts. While the closure will affect 500 employees, American Airlines said they won't leave them in the dark.

"We are giving all of our employees the option of either relocating to another reservation office in Dallas, Tucson or Raleigh North Carolina or giving them the opportunity to work from home," said Sanz.

Groups like Metro Hartford Alliance, who typically works to promote the region's economy, said this closing didn't shock them.

"There has always been concerns in the industry when you follow these things as folks here do," said President and CEO of Metro Hartford Alliance, Oz Griebel.

Griebel emphasized, the cuts were in no way a reflection of the work by the American Airlines staff, and strictly a decision based on the economy, which is why he believed employees still had a reason to be optimistic.

"While the 500 people in this case are significantly impacted our hope is that there will be someone else coming along to provide other opportunities," said Griebel.