SOUTH BEND-- "Wicked" is the most successful show to hit the stage at the Morris Performing Arts Center in South Bend.

The musical's 2-week run is the longest show to ever play at the theater but it won't be the last.

"Wicked" is good for the Morris and it's great for South Bend.     

So far more than 36,000 tickets have been sold which totals more than $2.6 million.     

"Wicked" has been so successful that the Morris plans to have more shows run for two weeks in the future.

If you've been through downtown South Bend during the evening recently you've seen congested roads, packed restaurants and lines of people outside the Morris Performing Arts Center.

Tamara Nicholl-Smith works for DTSB and says, "We're seeing a lot of people from the surrounding areas, up to an hour away if not more and coming into downtown South Bend and sometimes for the first time and liking what they see."    

In addition to patrons of the theater members of the "Wicked" cast have been spotted checking out stores and restaurants in downtown South Bend.   

The Vine has seen a 50 percent increase in business since "Wicked" flew into town.   

A co-owner of Made in Michiana reports a 50 percent increase in foot traffic and a 25 percent increase in sales.

Kitty Hoye says, "It's tremendous. It makes all the difference in the world and these are people that are from out of town and they said they're going to come back and that's huge."

Businesses downtown aren't the only ones benefiting from the popularity of "Wicked."

The executive director of the Morris, Dennis Andres, says, "We're now able to go to producers in New York City and when we talk about bringing in different shows like "Jersey Boys" or "Lion King" or "Phantom of the Opera" we can now say yes we've had blockbusters at the Morris."

Lizette Smith was excited to see wicked Friday and is glad there is a venue like the Morris in our area.

She says, "I've had several friends who already attended and they all told me really how good it is.    

Andres says many of the shows have been close to selling out.    

He adds that "Wicked" employed over a hundred local people to help with unloading the trucks, makeup and wardrobe. 

There are a limited number of seats left for the remaining shows.    

The final performance is Sunday.

A lot of people have noticed the ticket prices are expensive similar to the cost of tickets in Chicago or New York.

Andres says the tickets are pretty much the same price regardless of the city.   

He says the ticket prices cover the cost of producing and advertising and for a hit like "Wicked" that can get pretty expensive.