Local GOP Responds to News of Bauer Ouster


South Bend, IN-The Saint Joseph County Republican Party is responding today in the wake of news that South Bend Representative, B. Patrick Bauer has been removed as house Minority Leader by his caucus.

“If we had the power, we would have done it a long time ago,” said Deb Fleming, Chairman of the St. Joseph County Republican Party. “What else is there to say? Pat Bauer’s own caucus has decided that they could no longer stand for his failed policies and divisive political rhetoric.”

“I’ll echo what [Republican State Chairman] Eric Holcomb said: If this stands, we are sad to see him go,” said Jake Teshka, the local GOP’s Executive Director. “Bauer was the political gift that kept on giving for Republicans across the state.”

“We hope that with new leadership, House Democrats will be more willing to work with the Republican majority to continue moving Indiana forward,” added Fleming.