MICHIGAN CITY – Wednesday marked the second straight day of dangerous conditions on Lake Michigan and most people seemed to have heeded the warnings.

WSBT's James Fillmore reports from Washington Park Beach where three people had to be rescued on Tuesday.

The waves were still larger than usual and lifeguards said the rip currents were still very strong.

They advised people all day to stay out of the water, and most listened.

Kimberly Baldwin is originally from the area and is visiting from Kentucky with her family.

"We wanted to come up and visit the grandparents and be able to spend some time on the beach that I remember coming to as a child, but we picked a really bad day."

Baldwin wouldn't let her kids go in the water Wednesday, but the red flags blowing in the wind didn't stop everyone.

"We've gone up and down the beach with walking patrols and our lifeguard truck and just kind of telling people anybody that's in the water, 'Hey, you need to get out,'" said Kyle Plummer, one of the lifeguards who helped rescue three people from Lake Michigan on Tuesday.

Plummer has been a lifeguard at Washington Park Beach for six years and knows it well.

"I was having trouble getting back in, and I've been training and conditioning in these conditions for a really long time, so if it's not safe for me, it's not safe for anybody."

Lifeguards say if you get stuck in a rip current, don't panic. Let the water take you away from the shore until you are released and then swim parallet to the shore and head back.