Irish fans across the area are waking up disappointed Tuesday morning after Notre Dame's loss to Alabama. Many packed local bars late Monday night hoping to celebrate a win.

Irish fans came from around the area and around the country to watch Notre Dame take on Alabama. It would be the first time in decades the Irish would play for a National Championship title.

Michael Malone wasn't about to miss one of the most anticipated college football games in years. He joined friends and hundreds of strangers at Brothers Bar and Grill near campus to watch the game.
"Thought it would be an experience. And I tell you what, it has been an experience," says Malone.

Hopes were high at the beginning of the night. But early on, it became clear an Irish win was not meant to be.

"This has been a magical season no matter what the score is," says Malone.

Of course, the final score, 42-14 Alabama, was not the score Malone, or any other Irish fan had hoped for. It was a disappointing loss for then No. 1 Notre Dame.

"To be first in the country is obviously something that is a big deal," says Ian Cummins, a Notre Dame fan from Toronto, Canada, "But to lose like this, it is heartbreaking."

That heartbreak could be seen on the faces of nearly every fan in the bar.
"It would have been nice to at least see them make a run at it. They are a better team than what they played tonight," says fan, Scott Winkeler from Illinois.
And fans could only sulk as they watched the BCS championship trophy be presented to Alabama.

As for Malone, his faith is not shaken -- It just might take another year until he sees that trophy go to Notre Dame.

"I don't know what happened tonight but I'll be a Notre Dame fan until the day I die," says Malone, "This is disappointing. I'm going to cry a little tonight, but I'm also going to think 2013 will be a whole different year for these guys."