GRANGER - A long-time St. Joseph County preschool will be closing at the end of the school year. Bridges School on Gumwood Road in Granger sent out word on Tuesday its building has been sold.

Founded back when Granger was still mostly farm fields, Bridges School has been teaching children for 25 years. On Tuesday parents were informed that the place both they and their children love will be closing for good. As parents picked up their kids from the school Tuesday afternoon many fought back tears.

“The Bridges staff and teachers have been a second family to me,” said Sonya Amouri. “I wouldn’t trust my kids with anyone else.”

Amouri is one of many parents who found out the school she sends her 3 girls to will be closing in May.

“I’m kinda upset that the school’s being dissolved instead of another program being offered by Logan Center,” she said.

The school has nearly 130 students and a staff of 15. Most of the teachers have been here for more than a decade.

“These teachers, where are they gonna go?” Amouri said. “What’s gonna happen with them? They’re wonderful people.”

Barbara Wind founded the school in 1987 and she has decided to retire which also means she’s selling the building and land. The school said it will help teachers and parents find a new place to call home.

“Bridges is a place that’s very unique to the area and it will be difficult for our families to go out and find something similar to it,” said Betsy Hostetler, Program Director at Bridges.

As the students enjoy their last few months before cleaning out their lockers for good, parents will be trying to find a new school before next year's registration begins.

“So I basically have 2 to 3 weeks to start and find a preschool program that is comparable to this one and I don’t know where I’ll find that,” said Amouri.

A Google search shows about 10 other pre-schools within a 3 mile radius of Bridges School. The school is still in the process of notifying parents, it's doing so with letters and phone calls.