ELKHART – Their Elkhart apartment building is falling apart around them, and the families who live there are now forced to suddenly find new places to live.

They live in a four-unit apartment on Kinzy Street.

The utilities are being shut off because the landlord hasn’t paid the bill and walked away from it.

All who live there are in the process of being evicted, scrambling to find a new home.

“We didn’t get no notice that we was being put on the street and that he was no longer our landlord, but he was still collecting rent and does that and then puts all these families on the street,” said Rita Snider. “

“He should have let us know before this happened,” added Carolyn Gibson. “I don’t know what to do.”

Tenants say there are problems with mold in the building.

Their biggest concern, though, is a basement sewer pipe they say that has been leaking for at least three weeks, making many of them sick. A water leak has caused part of a ceiling to collapse. The lawns are overgrown, trash has piled up, and broken appliances not fixed.

“Refrigerator will keep breaking and tell him to fix it, and he never came and fixed it,” Mike Hyman said.

The biggest concern – they don’t figure they will get back their deposit or first month’s rent.

The people living there are outraged that they could be left high and dry like this, but it turns out they may not be the only ones facing this situation involving this landlord. It’s possible landlord Marlowe Yoder may be walking away from other apartment buildings he owns.

“Yes, and my concern is there is other properties that he is in ownership of and in transition right now,” said 4th District City Councilman Ron Troyer.

An Elkhart lawyer’s office has established an account at 1st Source Bank to help the people at the apartments.

The “Kinzy Street Fund” aims to collect at least $1,100 to help the renters get back lost deposits and first month’s rent.