SOUTH BEND-- Many Memorial Day parades and ceremonies went on as planned despite the rain.  

Highland Cemetery in South Bend dedicated a part of its cemetery to veterans Monday as it unveiled its new veterans memorial to the public. 

More than two dozen people stood in the rain to get a look at the new veterans memorial and to participate in the cemetery's dedication ceremony.

The Field of Honor is what Highland Cemetery calls the area of its property that is now dedicated to veterans.   

The new veterans memorial is made of bronze and granite and it honors all branches of the military.

Linda Andersen says, "I'm glad that they did this. I was wondering if they were ever going to do it, but it turned out really fantastic."    

She was one of the speakers at the ceremony.

Andersen's husband, who was killed while serving in Iraq, received a Purple Heart.

Andersen says, "He pushed out two of his roommates, but he didn't make it. It was hard to hear it at first, but, you know, the more I talk about it, the easier it gets."    

During the ceremony, Andersen helped a marine put a wreath in front of the new veterans memorial.   

The cemetery used its own money to make the memorial possible.

Bryon Carlson works at the cemetery and says, "It was something that we felt was necessary in this area for locals to be able to go to. They've come to us for hundreds of years for their burials and to reminisce, and it was something that was long overdue."      

Several veterans at the ceremony said they were pleased to see the memorial and plan to visit it often.

The people who attended the ceremony stood in the rain for 45 minutes as they listened to bagpipes, taps and several speakers.   

Andersen appreciates the support and is moved by the community's active participation in Memorial Day events.

She says, "Somebody cares, you know, even to come out on a rainy day. More people need to recognize our veterans that have been deceased or even alive."

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Senator John Broden were some of the other speakers at Monday's ceremony.

The cemetery would like to have something in front of the veterans memorial every year.

They were happy with the turnout this year but hope even more people will attend next year.