A York County seven-year-old is raising money for a good cause.

Madelyn Snare has been collecting donations for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central PA for the last two months.

"One evening after school she was talking to me about the Ronald McDonald House, and she said that she would like to help the kids at the Ronald McDonald House," said Jessica Georg, Madelyn's mother.

That was back in March. Since then, she's tried a few different techniques to raise the money.

"She asked if she could borrow the ironing board to set up by the side of the road. I explained that wasn't probably the best way to do it, but if she was really serious, she could start making some telephone calls," Georg said.

That's exactly what she did.

"I got some people that night and I had like fifteen dollars," Madelyn recalled.

Less than two months later, she's up to nearly $2,000.

Madelyn will be raising money until the end of the school year and plans to bring it to the Ronald McDonald House in Hershey in June.

If you would like to donate, please e-mail jreyes@fox43.com.